Celebrating being back with a blog graphics giveaway!

Home sweet home!

I'm back today after a fabulous 2-week break on my mom's boat in Thailand and Malaysia. It was wonderful being away - and I got to spend time with my fabulous mom, who is a sailor, diver and yoga-teacher! One of the wonderful things about sailing is the simplicity of it all - the wind and waves making up your universe for the day. Sailing has always been to me a metaphor for life - we are like little boats: will you simply drift or will you harness the wind you are given, set a course and sail?

As always I have come back feeling refreshed and I have SO much to blog about... my mom and I doing yoga, some Yoga sequences for balancing the doshas, the Yoga for Runners workshop I'm putting together for next weekend, why we should stretch, the overfishing of the oceans...

In the meantime I am feeling refreshed and full of love for my yoga blog community (also in between contracts) so I've decided to celebrate being back with a yoga-blog-title-bar-giveaway!! Yep, for the first 3 commenters I will offer my graphic design skills to redesign or tweak your blog header bar or logo, photos, make you an award, or any other graphic element you'd like for your blog. :) (Oh, if you want to comment but have a great header already, feel free! I'll only count those who request).