Holiday - and some amazing Acro-Yoga pix

Yes, it's that time! I am off on holidays for 2 weeks and will have rest, relaxation and limited or no internet connectivity. Hooray!!

I shall probably not be posting but I have to say I will miss my blog community. :)

In a random online moment, I stumbled across some amazing pictures of Acro-Yoga. I have some friends who are into this so have seen demonstrations, but this stuff is another level. I mean, these ladies are serious super-acro-yoginis! Check out more pictures by following this link.

I am not sure this stuff would be considered 'regulation' in the what-is-and-is-not-yoga debate, but there can be no doubt that these yoginis have strength, flexibility and talent - not to mention playfulness! It makes me want to run out and take a class. What about you? Have you ever tried it or want to?

Namaste and see you in 2 weeks!!