12 moments - and blanks!

This week Lauren's blanks are about holidays - what better topic could there be?!

1. Holiday spirit… beaches, sun, and bbq (veggie of course!) - it's Christmas in Oz!
2. The holidays are incomplete without… Friends, food and Champagne! And of course, an exotic travel destination thrown in can never hurt, can it?
3. My favorite things to do around the holidays are: tease my baby about playing loud Christmas carols beginning in mid-November...  And although not my favourite thing, my holidays usually involve the great suitcase packing challenge.
4. A holiday tradition my family and I have is Champagne and orange juice for breakfast on Christmas day! And boxing day... and New Year's day...
5. Holiday music is playing in our house, in our car, and everywhere we go.  My girl does love her carols! ;)
6. This year, I’ll be spending the holidays with both of my families. I feel very lucky!
7. Holiday wish list if it would stop snowing in Europe and heat up to a nice sensible 24 degrees or so that would be nice... But in absence of a radical climate shift that would bring the tropics to the North, I guess good company, good food and a nice break will do. 

12 moments (an exercise in random memory association)

This is a fun little exercise that you might like to try...  It's very simple, just write down a number and then the first thing that pops into your head.

1 = number of siblings I have (one little sister!)
2 = eyes, ears, arms and legs. Lucky I am!
3 = beings in my house (2 people and a cat!)
4 = weeks until the new year... how does time fly so fast?
5 = years ago in 2011
6 = first grade, first crush, first time riding the schoolbus
7 = years in the life cycles I map for myself
8 = the number of infinity and Strength
9 = plus twenty, how old I am now!
10 = kleine jagermeister, oh what a headache...
11 = years ago, Timor-Leste voted to be free
12 = little days until I am on my way...

Apologies for the absolutely non-Yoga related post... Have a great weekend everyone!