It's Friday! So I filled in the blanks.

It's been a busy week readers! Time flies when you're... (fill in the blank! ;) ) working 2 contracts and teaching yoga. :)  Time for the weekend, oh yes!

To round off the week I teach a nice slow flow class on Friday evenings.  It's the kind of yoga that I love as an evening practice: slow, breath-centered, deep stretching.  I've been trying to make the best of my disappointing music purchases of late, and I was fairly happy with my playlist tonight.  Still feeling a bit music-starved though!

Anyway, without any further ado... It's fill in the blanks Friday, courtesy of Lauren!

I am... A gypsy girl.  Who loves yoga.  Go figure!

I wish... that I could see my Grandma more often.  Cause I love her but she lives 3 days away by airplane.

I like... the ocean! No, I love the ocean.  And all the creatures, big and small, who live in it.

I can... pretty much do whatever I please... and I do NOT take that for granted.  It is the most incredible blessing.

I hope... that I see dolphins tomorrow! We are going out on a boat looking for them, and whales too.  :D :D

I think... A little bit less than I used to.  And I like it this way!

I was... super impressed today with the new solar lamp I bought for my security guards! It comes with a wee solar panel and once fully charged gives off a nice bright beam. Way cool! And totally what we call "appropriate technology", meaning that it's relatively cheap and doesn't require any further investment (like batteries).  In addition, low environmental impact (no batteries to throw away) AND... get this - it charges your mobile phone. Bonus!

Have a great weekend everyone!