I dream in yoga

Last night I dreamed that I was teaching a yoga class in a huge room packed with people.  Every single person there was a beginner, and in addition, half were Japanese tourists.  It was chaos... Everyone was facing every which direction and kept coming off the mats to crowd in front of the room to watch me demonstrating the sun salutations.  And I was telling them, no, just go back to your mats and give each other room and give it a go...  And I couldn't find a playlist that I liked, didn't recognize anything on my iPod which is when I realised in the dream that it wasn't in fact my iPod at all but Eco Yogini's iPod and the two must have gotten swapped in the last class.  :)

Now this sounds like it could have been a stressful dream but it wasn't really.  In fact I woke up highly amused.  I don't really do dream symbology but there is something kind of satisfying about trying to put order into chaos, and making the best of what ensues.

Readers, how does Yoga figure into your dreams?