Random Facts about a Yoga Gypsy

Suburban Yogini today posted a lovely list of silly things about herself, and asked for some in response.  Which inspired me to share this little list of silly facts of my own, at complete random and in no particular order.

  1. The first time I was ever on a sailboat, I was 3 months old.  My parents rolled me up in a huge blanket and stuffed me tightly into a shelf so I wouldn't fall out when the boat heeled over.  I've been a sailor ever since!
  2. Sometimes country music makes me cry.  Sign of my heritage - I was born in Calgary, Canada, cowboy country!
  3. I have lived only 11 years of my life in my native country (and most of that was between the ages of 0-8), and lived the rest in 7 others.  So I have always been a bit of a Gypsy!
  4. I originally came to East Timor for 3 months.  That was in August 2004. ;)
  5. When my partner goes on holidays I revert to being a terrible bachelorette and have a tendency to eat beans on toast for supper.
  6. Although yoga encourages us to stay away from stimulants, my 3 favourites are: Timorese organic coffee - (the best coffee I've ever had!), New Zealand Sauvingon Blanc, and dark chocolate.  Mmmmmm.
  7. Since working for myself, I discover I have developed an absolutely allergic reaction to 9-5 employment.
  8. I have crossed the Atlantic ocean twice in a sailboat.  Magical.
 What can you tell me about yourselves, readers?