Sea of Change - An exercise in Link Love

Obviously there was something in the air this weekend, and I found out what it was at The Devil Wears Prana: did you all know we are in the "Greatest (astrological) event of 2010"?  Huh.  Maybe that's why Suburban Yogini had such a speedy birthday recovery!

Maybe that will help
Chief Arvol Looking Horse with his plea of Great Urgency that we all unite to put our energies towards healing the wounds being caused by the Gulf Oil Spill.

The echos of the macro are everywhere in the micro.  This disaster, in its horror, is bringing people together.  Is making us reflect on how to change our carbon-munching ways, creating a community of people who long for a return to Simpler Times.  Around the world, we are burning with Transformative Fire, striving to make a more Sustainable Yoga of our everyday lives, to Tell a Story that we can be proud of.

The world is changing - this is nothing new.  The world is always changing.  But humanity? Can we change?

I hope so...


Edited to add: check out my guest post @ Suburban Yogini on one of my favourite restorative poses / sequences: Supta Padangusthasana! :)