Sound Signage

This snap was posted in the media recently and my partner giggled and suggested I should post it in the room where I teach my yoga classes.  I figure this is the next best thing! 

I've blogged about this before, but when I first began taking yoga classes, chanting used to make me extremely uncomfortable.  It sounded so cult-y and just weirded me out!  Now I have come to enjoy that camp-fire spirit, and how the act of singing or chanting in unison brings people together.

That is, of course, in the ideal setting.  Then there are those other times...  The times when you, leading the chant, fail to hit the right key, falter and croak... The times when that one person in the front row seems to think that the louder they scream "OM" the better...  There are the times when everyone in the room picks a different key, and it sounds like you are all participating in a giant cacophony rather than a symphony of voices!

But then, there are the moments when it seems that everyone in the room is on the same wavelength... When the chant is neither too quiet nor too loud, when voices meld perfectly until you are not even sure which one is yours, and you lose yourself in the unity of sound.

Maybe some pointed signage would help to encourage those harmonious moments?  What do you think?  ;)