The gift that keeps on giving

For this yogini, a fundamental part of practising ahimsa is non-harming to the environment. Thus, one of my major life resolutions this year has been to cut down on my trash - especially plastic bags and plastic bottles. I'm proud to say that since January I have only brought home about 3 plastic shopping bags (although some of my trash still goes out in plastic garbage bags), and have consistently rejected things with too much packaging involving plastic or styrofoam. This is no easy feat in Asia, where environmental consciousness is still in its infancy (actually, more like fetal stage!) and the general rule of thumb seems to be the more plastic the better.

A few months ago when traveling in New Zealand, I came across this little gem of a product - Envirosax!! Envirosax are reusable shopping bags that roll down into a tight little packet and are easy to slip into your pocket or purse, so you never forget to have a carry bag with you!

I bought one and am so in love with it, I carry it around everywhere! And every time I roll it out in the supermarket I get "ooohs" and "aaaahs" from those nearby. No more of those bulky, ugly and hard to carry shopping bags for me! These bags come in an astounding array of beautiful patterns and colours - they are so stylish and striking that on occasion I just use them as a purse and have even used mine as an airline carry-on bag.

The other thing that makes these bags stand out for me is that they have wide shoulder straps, so you can carry a heavy load over your shoulder and the straps never dig in. Finally, they roll down into a teensy little packet that can easily be slipped into your purse so you never forget your shopping bag. You can even get a little pouch of 5, all rolled up and packed tightly together. What a cool gift for yourself or a loved one!

Most of the bags are made out of lightweight polyester (yes, this is a plastic, but the company argues that this makes them affordable, durable and even recyclable) but they also have an organic series with lovely bags made out of cotton, linen, bamboo and even hemp.

I'm not generally one for product placement, but this one I just had to share! Check out their website here... and enjoy!