Choosing Peace

It's been a hectic week and my blog has been neglected. It's amazing how quickly my time is consumed and my brain is drained when I am working full-time! If I ever need re-affirmation that a part time life is for me, this would do it.

Part of the week has been stressful contract negotiations. Ick, right? It's ironic because it's taken me nearly 3 weeks to negotiate the terms of a 3 week job! Finally on Tuesday (2 days after the job started) I just gave in and signed the thing. And moved on.

It reminded me that life in the real world doesn't just do what you please. It does what it pleases and you just have to deal. But no matter how much things seem out of your control, we always have one thing: choices.

No matter what, we make choices every second. If I see a situation as a burden, that's a choice. If I react to someone with anger instead of patience, that's a choice. If I choose not to deal with an issue, that's also a choice.

In this case, I chose to let go. Which more often than not, is the best choice for me. Not happy with the contract but accepted it anyway? Let it go. Not looking forward to the job? Let it go. Not sure how to handle a personal situation? Let it go. Just breathe. Just believe that it will be ok in the end, that when the time is right, the right thing will happen.

In a nutshell - choose peace. As the Dalai Lama said: "Learning to live is learning to let go."

Namaste and have a great long weekend everyone! I will be in my hammock in a bamboo hut in an eco-village on a very remote island and will have no access to the internet whatsoever. Namaste to that!