A little link love

I heart our yoga blog community.  Really.  Maybe because I am somewhat starved for company of people who are as obsessed with yoga as I am.  Obsessed? Me? Ummm, yes.  I mean, I keep a blog about yoga.

But then again, so do many of you! :)  Hearts all around.

Anyway here are some posts and blogs that I have recently discovered or recently been enjoying:
  • Bab's Babble: There was a lovely post today called "I heart Yoga Because" - so inspirational, it inspired me to heart you all in this post. ;)
  • Moving Meditation: Tiffany started blogging this year and I've been enjoying her insights on being a new yoga teacher, and her life in Denver!  For starters, check out this lovely post: "Things I would like to say to my beginner students".  If only all teachers would say these things!!
  • Mama Inspired: Juliana is a 'real' writer - and it shows! She writes beautifully about things she is passionate, including her childhood in Brazil and coming to America, her lovely daughter Luna, as well as recently ranting about the future of higher education!
  • Foolish Enthusiasm: Alex recently commented on my blog so I checked his out!  He's currently training as a yoga teacher and it's great to hear a voice from the other side of the gender line. ;)  Being not-very-new-media-savvy I have yet to figure out how to comment on his blog... So if anyone has any hints, let me know!
  • Svasti: A Journey From Assault To Wholeness: Svasti's blog is huge, complex, honest, fascinating, moving and impossible to take in all at once.  At the moment I'm enjoying her posts sharing her experience about Shadow Yoga - pretty intense, cool stuff.
  • Namaste_Heather - Heather is back!  :) :)  That makes me joyful in itself, and then she wrote this lovely post about Effort and Ease, such an important synergy in Yoga (and life!), and one I have been trying to work into my classes since reading it.

Happy Friday everyone!