Detox Sequence

As I mentioned in my last post, here is the Detox sequence, which we workshopped over about 2 hours. I have also included a few things that we didn't do in the workshop, like Neti and Udiyana Kriya, for maximum detox benefit. Lots and lots of twists which are excellent for digestive health! The sequencing is Ashtanga-based, as that's what I am trained in.

Breathe deeply, focus on that 3rd Chakra, and enjoy! Remember, we are talking about assimilation here - taking in from the world what you need, getting rid of what you don't, and thereby making space for new changes to grow from within.

Kriyas & Pranayama
• Jala Neti Kriya (cleaning sinuses with water)
• Simha Kriya (lion's breath)
• Udiyana Kriya (only if on an empty stomach!!) 3-5 times
• Kaphalabati (bellows breath) 3 rounds of 5 for beginners
• Nadi Shodana (nadi balancing pranayama - alternate nostril breathing)

Warm Up Asanas

  • Pavanmuktasana (wind releasing pose), each leg, then both legs
  • Baharadvaja's twist (kneeling with knees to one side)
  • Cat & Cow with leg lifts and twist (bend the knee, grasp ankle with opposite hand and twist back to centre)
  • Sun Salutations A & B
  • Utanasana, gently swinging from side to side with the breath

Standing Asanas
  • Utthita Trikonasana (triangle pose) and Parvritta Trikonasana (reverse triangle pose) - variation: hand on the sacrum, focus on lengthening the spine and twisting
  • Uthitta Parsvakonasana (extended angle pose) and Parvritta Parsvakonasana (reverse angle pose) - variations according to level, i.e. low lunge with a twist, high lunge with a twist, high lunge with arm extended forward
  • Prasarita Padottonasana (wide legged fwd bend) with twist - arms under shoulders, walk one arm to centre and extend the other up, then switch
  • Parsvottonasana focusing on pulling the lower belly in to make space for the forward bend
  • Rest in child's pose, then come up to Adho Muka Svanasana (downward facing dog - you can also add a twist here by grasping the back of one shin with opposite hand) and come back to Tadasana
  • Ardha Badda Padmottanasana - variation: cross one leg over opposite knee and bend into a hip opener, if possible place both hands on the ground and work the lower belly in.
  • Ardha Chandrasana & Parvritta Ardha Chandrasana - using the back foot against the wall for balance (half moon and reverse half moon pose)
Seated Asanas
  • Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend) + variations: add a twist by bringing opposite hand to foot, spice it up by lifting the foot and reaching the free hand out behind you!) + Purvottanasana (table-top pose/upward plank pose) as a counter pose for the lower back
  • Janu Sirsasana (nose towards the knee stretch) with emphasis on twisting the torso over the extended leg and lengthening the spine
  • "Seated gate pose" - from Janu Sirsasana, bring the body back to neutral centre. If your left leg is extended, reach your left arm out and try to place the left elbow on the ground inside the leg. If that feels good, reach the right arm up and over and stretch there for a few breaths. Eventually you can clasp the left foot with both hands and look up, bringing the torso into a deep twist.
  • Ardha Matseyndrasana (half lord of the fishes twist)
  • Marichyasana C without binding, and then binding with or without the help of a strap

Finishing poses
  • Ardha Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana (bridge pose) (for some students Camel Pose is also a good 3rd-chakra backbend!)
  • Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), Halasana (plough) & Matsyasana (fish)
  • Supine spinal twists (any variation)
  • Savasana