Branching out in 2010: I'm on the web!

Happy new year everyone!

New Year is a time for big reflections, and there has been a lot going on in my busy brain. More about that in a later post.

I'm starting off 2010 with a big leap - expanding my Yoga teaching to private classes and Yoga therapy. It's something I've been considering for some time, but now that my 9-5 job has ended and I am a free agent, I'm giving it a go!

Living in a small town, I'm expecting most things to roll by word of mouth. But, since I am a big geek ( :D ), I also spent some time this week creating a website! So, I'm pleased to link to it here and would love any feedback positive or negative:

If anyone is interested, I downloaded the template from a Creative Commons site called Free Templates and the site is being hosted for free by These amazing people are sharing their creativity and services for free so they deserve some kudos and would love it if you check out their pages.

Do any of you have websites? Have the experiences been good for you? What have you learned about being online?

Namaste, joy and hope!