The Edge

What is the edge?
It is the border between what is, and what can be.
It is the place where our strength and our vulnerability meet in equal measure.
It is where you go your farthest, and everything stops.
No walls, no pretenses, no crutches, no disguises
- just you and your breath.

The edge is where you meet yourself.

At the edge, you confront your fears.
At the edge, you learn how to surrender.
At the edge, pain becomes peace,
What was heavy suddenly is light.

The edge teaches you to release your deepest desires.
At the edge you find that love of all things
begins with loving yourself.

At the edge, truth is beauty and free will is fate.
At the edge, none of this even matters.
You shed layers like petals,
What remains, is Truth.

At the edge, we are humbled by ourselves.
Our mortal shell that allows us to fear,
our immortal self that invites us to hope.

At the edge, we experience infinity.
At the edge, we find Grace.

At the edge, we are free.

Dedicated to the Teachers and students of GaiaTree TT 2009. Namaste :)